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ISNA-2021 Uyghur & our responsibility

Click below to watch Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid talk of our responsibility towards our Uyghur brothers and sisters.

China’s Persecution of Uyghur Imams: New Evidence of Imprisonment and Detention

Watch the event with guests discussing our joint recent report

Islam Dispossessed: China’s Persecution of Uyghur Imams and Religious Figures.

State-sponsored genocide. The largest mass detention of people since the Holocaust. The erasure of an entire culture as we speak.

Uighurs in Concentration Camps
Mosques in East Turkestan Destroyed
Change in Muslim Population since 1955

This is what an Uighur has to live through each day

No Freedom of Religion

No Prayer

Praying is forbidden, so Uighur Muslims are forced to pray secretly while sitting in a chair or while in the toilet.

No Fasting

Fasting in Ramadan, which forms an essential part of Muslim faith, is forbidden for East Turkestan’s Uighur Muslims.

No Salam

Even the simple act of greeting one another by saying “Salam” (meaning Peace) is forbidden in order to wipe out Uighur Muslim identity.

No Wedding

Uighurs cannot have Islamic weddings at home. The Chinese reward whistleblowers up to US$ 7500 for reporting them.

No Eid Celebrations

Eid, which is an important occasion for Muslims (similar to Christmas), is banned and festivities are not allowed.

No Uighur Language

Uighur language education is banned and Uighur or Islamic literature, if found, is confiscated by officials.

No Mosques

Mosques are heavily monitored. There are no Imams (leaders) left because they are all detained in camps. Over 70% of the Mosques in Kashgar have been demolished.

No Muhammad

Parents are forbidden from giving their children common Islamic names, deemed ‘extremist’ by the State. Failure to comply can restrict the child’s access to education & healthcare.

No Halal Food

Halal food or food bearing the Halal mark is banned in Uighur areas. One must explain why he/she is not eating pork and Uighur owned shops must stock alcohol and pork.

Privacy Nonexistent

Forced Guests

1 million communist ‘guests’ live in Uighur homes as government informants. The concept of family privacy for modest Uighur Muslims has become a distant dream.


Facial recognition and surveillance systems are focused on and densely installed in areas with a majority of Uighur Muslims; particularly, in and near Mosques.

Mobile Spyware

Uighur Muslims must install Jingwang Weishi, an app that monitors their activity. Installing the app but not using the phone is a sure way to land in a camp.

DNA Sampling

Millions of East Turkestan’s Uighur residents are required by law to submit DNA Samples for police/government record.

Inter-household Spying

Uighur Muslim households are divided into groups of 10 to spy on one another.

Government Minders

Non-uniformed, government minders prevent Uighurs from talking to reporters or meeting with foreigners without supervision.

Organ Harvesting

Uighur are subjected to forced organ harvesting which are then sold to patients traveling to China for organ transplants.

Vehicle Tracking

Uighur are subjected to forced organ harvesting which are then sold to patients traveling to China for organ transplants.


No livelihood. No travel.

Frequent Pullovers

A person would be pulled over and have his ID checked 7 times while traveling just 2-3 km on his/her bike.

Forced Labor

Forced labor has been made mandatory for Uighur Muslims.

Confiscation of Property

Chinese authorities confiscate land and properties of Uighur Muslims and redistribute them to Chinese communists.

Heavy Policing

There are over 90,000 new security posts, 500 yards apart in cities. These stop Uighurs and waving through communists.

Confiscated Passports

Passports of hundreds of thousands Uighur Muslims have been confiscated by the state to prevent them from fleeing abroad.

Local Travel Restrictions

Uighurs are frequently restricted to their own hometowns or cities and not allowed to travel to other parts of their own country.

Could you live like this?
If you can’t, why should they?

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