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Meeting your Senator About the Uyghur Act? Use our Leave-Behind Packet

UIGHUR act of 2019, Senator’s office outreach

Request a meeting with the Senator’s office in your state. You can easily find the number of the office. Call, speak with the staffer and ask what the scheduling procedure is. There are typically two ways they will ask you to send the request.

  1. Via their web portal. Ask for the URL, and ask the staffer how to follow-up on the request. Go to the web portal given to you, and request the meeting.
  2. The staffer will give you an email address of the scheduler. Please use the below text as a template for your meeting request, after filling in the placeholders (in bold).


Dear <Scheduler’s name>
We are constituents from the state of <State> and also <volunteers | staff> with the Save Uyghur campaign of Justice For All. As the UIGHUR act has passed congress and comes back to the Senate, we are in a race against time to have the UIGHUR act of 2019 pass before year end.

We would like to request a meeting with the Senator or <his | her> Foreign Policy advisor at the earliest. Please contact me at the number below and I will provide you details of attendees.

The Uyghur, an ethnic Muslim minority in Western China, have been the target of a cultural, ethnic, religious and political cleansing . Arbitrary detentions, forced transportations to undisclosed locations, compulsory DNA profiling, which we are afraid leads to organ harvesting, are some of the atrocities that the Communist Party has brought on this minority. As Americans, we have to stand for the values we believe in, stand by the United Nations Charter on Human Rights, and create the conditions that will China reverse its policy of persecution of the Uyghur and other minorities.

We hope you will consider our request favorably.
<Your name>
<Organization name>


Going for the meeting

When you go for the meeting, please prepare the delegation, make sure you introduce each member, and read all the advocacy leave-back material so you are aware of what we are asking for. Download the two documents below and take it with you. You should leave this with the staffer at a suitable point in the conversation.

Thank the staffer for the meeting, before you leave the office, take his/her card and ask when would be a good time to call him/her as a follow-up.

Leave-Behind Packet

Download Asks for Senators

Download Information Pack

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