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3 million Uyghur Muslims, have been unjustly detained in Chinese concentration camps

International media says the number of Uyghurs in concentration camps is 1 million, while the US State Department says it is 2 million and Uyghur rights organizations suggest it is closer to 3 million.

China claims its facilities are re-education camps. Anyone who has come out of them confirms they are worse than prisons

Crowded Cells

With over 60 people in small containment rooms, there isn’t even enough room for everyone to sleep. People take turns standing, so the others can sleep for a couple of hours.

No Toilets

With so many people stuck together in the same room, without a toilet, they have to use a bucket for excretions.


Almost all of the survivors of the camps reported beating as a punishment for the most trivial of offenses. Even women have scars and marks of beating all over their bodies.

Reproductive Interference

Medicines are forcibly administered to women to stop their periods. In some women, they cause bleeding from the uterus.

Forced Medication

Survivors report being given injections and medications without being informed of the contents. Blood is also drawn without permission.


Several women survivors report being gang-raped by guards at the facilities. Some even during their teenage years.


Muslims are made to chant “Communist Party Akbar” instead of the traditional “Allah Akbar” (God is Great) that Muslims say to praise and glorify God.

Emotional Torture

A mother reported that she was made to see her missing child from a distance briefly before both of them were dragged away by their hair.

Physical Torture

Uyghurs detained in the camps are subjected to physical torture. Some report being tied to a hard chair all day long while others report other forms of torture.


For many Uyghurs, their ‘re-education’ ends in a slow, painful death behind the walls of a secret facility.

For many Uyghurs, their ‘re-education’ ends in a slow, painful death beyond the walls of an obscure facility

Uyghurs die every 3 months according to an estimate. This figure excludes children.

Which is why the Chinese Government is doing everything it can to keep the program shrouded in secrecy


Most facilities are located in places like the middle of the desert or in remote parts of the country that are essentially cut off from civilization.


Tall, fort-like walls covered with razor-wire fences surround what China claims are re-education camps.


The facilities are surrounded by several watchtowers and armed guards secure not just the insides of the facility but a wide area around it.


Visits are not allowed and any reporters or unauthorized personnel even approaching the direction of the camps are followed and escorted away.


There is heavy surveillance in and around the facilities similar to, possibly even greater than, what is seen in prisons.

Body Disposal

There has been proof of cremation facilities near the camps which indicates an ability to quickly burn the bodies of victims.

Staged Visits

Since the world has started paying attention to China’s camps, it has started organizing staged visits for key officials to appease to them by altering reality.

State Propaganda

State television airs propaganda reaffirming the Chinese narrative and that those attending the camps are not only wilfully there but are enjoying themselves.

Here are some things that can get an Uyghur Muslim taken to the concentration camps

  • Owning a tent
  • Owning welding equipment
  • Owning extra food
  • Owning a compass
  • Owning multiple knives
  • Abstaining from Alcohol
  • Abstaining from Cigarettes
  • Wailing/Publicly Grieving/Acting Sad when one’s parents die
  • Performing a traditional funeral
  • Inviting more than 5 people to your house without informing the police
  • Wearing a scarf in the presence of the Chinese flag
  • Wearing a hijab (if you are under 45)
  • Going to a Mosque
  • Praying
  • Fasting
  • Listening to a religious lecture
  • Telling others not to swear/sin
  • Eating breakfast before sunrise
  • Arguing with an official
  • Sending a petition that complains about local officials
  • Disallowing officials to sleep in your bed/eat your food/live in your house
  • Not having government issued ID on your person
  • Not letting officials take your DNA
  • Not letting officials scan your irises
  • Not letting officials download your phone contents
  • Not making voice recordings to give to officials
  • Speaking your mother language in school
  • Speaking your mother language in government work groups
  • Speaking with someone abroad using Skype etc.
  • Speaking with someone who has traveled abroad
  • Having traveled abroad yourself
  • Merely knowing someone who has traveled abroad
  • Publicly stating China is inferior to some country
  • Having too many children
  • Having VPN
  • Having Whatsapp
  • Watching a video filmed abroad
  • Wearing a shirt with Arabic lettering on it
  • Wearing a full beard
  • Wearing any clothes with religious iconography
  • Not attending mandatory propaganda classes
  • Not attending mandatory flag raising ceremonies
  • Not attending public struggle sessions
  • Refusing to denounce your family members in the public struggle sessions
  • Being related to anyone who has done any of the above
  • Trying to kill yourself while detained by the police
  • Trying to kill yourself while in education camps

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