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Ask Congress to Pass HR 649

Call and email your Representatives to Support the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act, or H.R. 649. The Senate has already passed the Senate version S.178. This bill is aimed to sanction Chinese officials for their crimes and to end the abuses in East Turkestan.

Volunteer to help this cause

We urgently need volunteers who can help us better tell our story and mobilize action on this cause.

Write and call the Chinese Embassy

Respect families

China must respect families by not taking away children and not inserting Chinese men into Uyghur family homes.

Close the camps

China must close all concentration camps.

Let them pray

China must grant the Uyghur full freedom of religion: to pray, enter mosques, pay zakat, fast in Ramadan and perform hajj.

Chinese Embassy – DC

Consulate – New York

Consulate – Chicago

Consulate – Los Angeles

Consulate – San Francisco

Consulate – Houston

Support Uyghur Organizations

Uyghur Human Rights Project

The Uyghur American Association

Get your universities involved

Assess your university’s relations with China. Check to see if your school has a Confucious or China Institute — these institutes are the public educational arm of the Chinese government, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.
These institutes exercise the soft power of the Chinese government. Demand that your university cuts ties with these institutes. Call your university out if they are silent or directly complicit on this issue.

Investigate if your college or university is invested in companies that profit from enslaved labor of the Uyghur people. Urge the divestment of particularly your university’s retirement funds from these companies.

If you are a university student

Organize awareness events on campus. Contact us if you are looking for a speaker and have local news cover your event.

If you are a professor or academic

Sign the Statement by Concerned Scholars on China’s Mass Detention of Turkic People

Donate to end concentration camps

Justice For all is a professional human rights organization established by Soundvison 25 years ago, with 16 full-time staff supported by a lobbying firm, a public relations firm, two staff at the United Nations and two international human rights lawyers. We have successfully mobilized communities to close these concentration camps, held advocacy day at Capitol Hill and engaged our elected officials, the State Department, and the White House and started the #FastFromChina. But much more needs to be done. Sound Vision has led many human rights campaigns. Bosnia Task Force, Kosovo Task Force, and Burma Task Force are based in Sound Vision. Sound Vision does public relations, media, and resource development for the Muslim community.

Please mail your checks to Sound Vision, 27 E. Monroe St. #700, Chicago IL 60603. Or go online to

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