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20 Uyghur Detained In Turkey. Uyghur Community In Turkey Under Pressure With Extradition Treaty Looming

Abuqahhar Abdulaziz was detained in his work place where he was working in Zaitunburnu, (young man on the bottom right)

Young man on bottom left was detained Jan, 18 midnight 11:30 from his house in Safakoy 

Uyghur Community in Turkey Under Pressure With Extradition Treaty Looming

Istanbul Provincial Security Directorate carried out nighttime raids on apartments of Uyghur Muslims in Sefaköy (Istanbul) neighborhood. Uyghur activists claim that this occurred right after their series of protests in front of the Chinese Consulate titled “Where’s my family”. Others believe that these are preliminary results of the extradition treaty signed in 2017. 

After such investigations, some households were told that their home was wrongly raided. 

Raids were done in teams of 5-10 people and at least 20 were detained.

Sources say the police carried out operations by claiming that they were linked to the East Turkestan Islamic Party. After the raids by the Anti-Terror Bureau, the public hasn’t been informed yet.

East Turkestan associations cannot make any statements about the situation as they are under threat.


He was detained in 21, Jan, in a restaurant in Safakoy where he was eating. 


Amina Bekri was detained on Jan 18, and has been released.


TRT Conversation with wife of the young man on bottom left.

Turkish news article about the detainment

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