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Action Alert: Take Two Actions Today

Congratulations to all those who worked on the campaign to pass the House UIGHUR bill. Now we must get the Senate to pass the same bill. This bill demands the administration list and sanction all Chinese leaders responsible for these atrocities and seize their assets. This bill specifically names Xinjiang leader Chen Quanguo for sanctions.

Take Two Actions Today

Get the stronger bill approved

  • Call Your Senators TODAY and ask them to pass a stronger Uyghur bill like the House UIGHUR Bill.
  • Use our advocacy tool right now. You will find talking points on the screen.
  • Once done, please call ten other friends and relatives and ask them to call their Senators to say the same thing.

We need to generate 10,000 calls over the next few days. Otherwise, there will be no bill until next year for Uyghurs.

Don’t Buy Slave Made in China Clothes

China which uses slave labor to produce cotton and clothes it sells. 30% of all clothing in USA is Made in China. We are calling on all Americans to not buy salve made in China clothes this holiday season. More at

MIT Action

MIT ACTION: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is helping Chinese companies develop surveillance technology that is used to police Uyghurs and other minorities. Visit for more information and instructions for what to do.

Donate, Follow, Link

  • Donate to Save Uyghur Campaign
  • Follow @SaveUyghurUSA to tweet and retweet
  • Link from your website

Save Uyghur Campaign Accomplishments

  • Since many people do not know what is going on, we have printed and mailed 200,000 informative 4-page pamphlets to 2,100 masjids across the USA.
  • Organized a statement signed by 300 Imams in support of Uyghur people, including Omar Suleiman, Yasir Qadhi, Imam Maged and others; published video messages by Yasir Qadhi, Zaid Shakir and Omar Suleiman.
  • Organized national Congressional call-in days on Feb 7th and March 7th.
  • Organized leadership meetings in 7 cities to brief and organize the community.
  • Retained a lobbying firm to assist in the Uyghur cause and the Rohingya cause.
  • Helped organize the largest rally for the Uyghur cause on April 6th in Washington DC.
  • Organized an advocacy day on June 20th when over 100 people from 50 congressional districts met with 70 Congresspersons and Senators.
  • Both House and the Senate has passed the bill supporting Uyghurs. Now they need to agree on a final version.

Spread The Word

Download the PDF version of the action alert corresponding to your state below.

General Uyghur Action Alert










North Carolina

New Jersey

New York




South Carolina




For feedback or more, please reach out to us at If this has helped you, please consider donating to us so we can do more.


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