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Chinese Government Responds to US Uyghur Genocide Declaration with Staged Propaganda Videos

On Tuesday, January 16th, former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared the Chinese government to be committing genocide and crimes against humanity on millions of Uyghur and other Turkic-speaking peoples in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan. China has repeatedly been proven to be placing millions of Uyghurs into concentration camps and forced labor programs in addition to using other genocidal measures such as the forced sterilization of women. In response, the Chinese government immediately produced media footage to push forth its “happy Uyghur lives” lie. In these staged videos, Uyghur civilians claim that Mike Pompeo and other US officials are lying. Seated in nicely-decorated homes, they go on to insist all Uyghurs are living happily under the Communist Party’s care.

The Uyghur speakers in these videos are staged, unnatural, and coerced. As they have demonstrated in their treatment of exiled Uyghurs’ family members, the Chinese government is well-known for using coercion and propaganda to counter claims of their abuse of Uyghurs in Chinese-occupied East Turkestan. In the past, the CCP has forced family members of prominent Uyghur activists to speak on CGNTV and other state-controlled media to declare to the world the lies of their activist relatives—that they are happily living in East Turkestan, and that concentration camps do not exist.

Below are examples of media footage coerced from Uyghurs as a response to Mike Pompeo’s genocide determination announcement. Notice the subjects’ uncomfortable body language and speech patterns. Continue reading past the propaganda videos to view the footage of reality in East Turkestan.

In stark contrast to the lies painted by the Chinese Communist Party in the previous videos, the ones below show the true reality of China’s genocide and massive crimes against humanity. In these videos, Uyghurs are forced to work (i.e. slave) in factories across China or projects mandated by their village authorities.

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