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Justice For All’s Save Uyghur Campaign Commemorates the 15th Anniversary of the July 5th Urumchi Massacre

Washington, D.C. — July 5, 2023

For Immediate Release

Contact: Hena Zuberi

(202) 922-5878

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the July 5th Urumchi Massacre, an atrocity that saw the brutal suppression of Uyghur voices in the city of Urumchi in Chinese-occupied East Turkistan. On this solemn occasion, Justice For All’s Save Uyghur Campaign stands in solidarity with the Uyghur people and calls for renewed global efforts to end the ongoing human rights abuses which has amounted to genocide committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Fifteen years ago, peaceful Uyghur protesters gathered to demand justice for the killing of scores of Uyghur factory workers in Guangdong Province. The resulting crackdown left hundreds dead, thousands injured, and countless lives forever altered. The July 5th Urumqi Massacre transcended mere violence against individuals; it represented a systematic effort to erase Uyghur identity and impede their struggle for equality and recognition. This brutal crackdown is a stark example of the genocidal tactics which we see today, employed against the Uyghur people, aimed at undermining their cultural existence and human rights.

Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, President of Justice For All, stated, “The July 5th Urumchi Massacre is a dark chapter that remains unclosed. It is a painful reminder of the price that the Uyghur people have paid for seeking justice and dignity. We are compelled by humanity to stand with the Uyghurs and to demand that their voices are heard and their rights are defended.”

Arslan Hidayat, Lead of the Save Uyghur campaign, added, “We remember the Urumchi Massacre not only as a tribute to the victims but also as a call to action. The Chinese government’s continued repression of Uyghurs underscores the urgency of our efforts. We must intensify our advocacy, support survivors, and pursue accountability. The world must recognize that the fight for Uyghur rights is far from over and that our collective resolve can lead to meaningful change.”

As we commemorate the 15th anniversary of this tragic event, Justice For All reaffirms its commitment to the struggle for justice, human rights, and the dignity of the Uyghur people. We urge governments, organizations, and individuals to join us in advocating for policies that hold the CCP accountable and in supporting initiatives that amplify Uyghur voices and protect their rights.

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