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New Report from Radio Free Asia Confirms Appalling Uyghur Forced Migration Practices by China

Forced migration targeting Uyghurs in East Turkestan has been a decades-long practice. Under the name of eliminating poverty, the Chinese government seeks to change the demographics of the region by forcibly transferring Uyghurs in various parts of East Turkestan into industrial cities across China—such as Shanghai, Anhui, and others. Concentration camp detainees and survivors are often targets of these practices as well. 

By uprooting Uyghurs from their birth place and relocating them across China, the CCP seeks to destroy their family ties and connection to their homeland—actively erasing their sense of cultural and ethnic identity.

“Forced migration is indeed an integral part of the ongoing genocide in East Turkestan,” says Serwi Huseyin, team lead of Save Uyghur. “The recent Radio Free Asia (RFA) report reveals how these forced migration practices have been orchestrated by the Chinese government and local organizations. In order to stop these atrocious practices of upheaval, family separation, and forced labor, President Biden must make the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (H.R. 1155, S. 60) law and call on any country who values human rights to take similar action.”

According to the RFA report, more than 3,000 Uyghurs including girls as young as 16 years old were transferred from East Turkestan into mainland China through a job placement company. Thousands more will be transferred in coming years. The results of this investigation come as no surprise when considered alongside the Nankai Report produced by Chinese scholars in Tianjin—stating that mass forced labor transfers are “an important method to influence, meld, and assimilate Uyghur minorities,” and bring about a “transformation of their thinking.”

The findings of this report should alarm the world of the severity and cruel nature of the massive crackdown and genocide of the Uyghurs exacted by the Chinese government. It is a call for the global community to take action.

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