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Save Uyghur Condemns Tweet By Chinese Embassy On Uyghur Women

The Justice for All Save Uyghur team, condemn the Chinese embassy in the US and ChinaDaily for covering up the effect of China’s forced sterilization policy on the drop of the population growth of Uyghurs in East Turkestan(aka:Xinjiang) under the name of eradicating extremism in the region. 

On Thursday, the Chinese embassy in the US tweeted a statement from ChinaDaily’s article which shamefully boasts about the population decline of Uyghurs in the region in 2018 due to family planning policies, which succeeded as a result of eliminating religious extremism. 

This tweet said, “in the process of eradicating extremism, Uyghur women’s minds were liberated and they are no longer baby making machines.” The ChinaDaily’s article is purposely aimed to refute Adrian Zenz’s’ report about Uyghur population decline in 2018 due to China’s massive forced sterilization policy on Uyghurs by claiming that the population growth had declined due to the liberation and emancipation of Uyghur women from extremism. 

We recognize that the decline of population growth of Uyghurs in the region is the result of massive forced abortion, forced sterilization of Uyghur females with IUDS and tubal ligation surgeries, massive detainment of Uyghurs in the so called reeducation camps, and arbitrary imprisonment of Uyghurs under the name of eradication of religious extremism. 

“This tweet will be used in international criminal courts one day to try Chinese Communist Party,” said Hen a Zuberi, Justice For All’s Director.

We call on Twitter and other social media channels not to be complicit with China’s genocidal policy and remove such lies from their platforms. 

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