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The Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act Passes The House Foreign Relations Committee

Capitol Hill

Good News… the House Foreign Relations Committee has approved the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act this morning. Next, it will go to the full house for a vote. Your calls are still needed. Check and see if your Congressperson has cosponsored the bill

This morning’s meeting of the Foreign Relations Committee considered HR649. The bill text was accepted by the committee. We welcome remarks by Chairman Engels, as well as Reps. Smith, Deutch, Wild, Chabot, and others. The statements in relation to the persecution of the Uyghur, Chinese behavior towards minorities and stifling of Human Rights, in light of the concerns drawn around Chinese control of 5G technology, only emphasize the need for quick actions on these bills. Costco was mentioned as a beneficiary of forced labor, and the need to identify suppliers from forced labor camps was also discussed.

We continue to monitor reports of forced transport of Uyghur detainees of the concentration camps to other parts of China and are concerned that the locations these transferees are taken to remain undisclosed with no access granted to global Human Rights organizations. We will continue to emphasize that given the situation, the sourcing of goods/services from forced labor remains difficult to track and beneficiary corporations here should be held accountable to that fact.

The Save Uyghur team

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