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A Family Member’s Heartbreaking Testimony: #FreeAkramIslam

Please watch the heartbreaking testimony from Save Uyghur’s Aydin Anwar below, and spread the word to stop the injustice with the hashtag #FreeAkramIslam.

The following text is taken from the related Facebook post by Aydin Anwar. 

“Here’s a testimony video for Akram Islam, my aunt’s brother in law who has been suffering in one of China’s torture and death-ridden concentration camps since February 2018.

Akram was a vice principal and geography teacher at Changji Provincial 3rd high school in Urumqi, East Turkestan. He was recognized multiple times as a distinguished teacher by the Chinese government, yet was still sent to a camp. He committed zero crime (other than the fact that he prayed 5 times a day and his name is an Arabic name with his last name being Islam as well- which is nowadays a crime by the CCP).

We fear he may be transferred and sentenced to prison soon where he’ll be charged a random crime with a random number of years – and by then the possibility of releasing him would be too late.
Please share this video and use #FreeAkramIslam to demand his release as soon as possible.

‎ئەكرەم ئىسلام، 49 ياش (1971-يىلى7-ئاينىڭ 17-كۈنى تۇغۇلغان). سانجى ئۆبلاستلىق 3-ئوتتۇرا مەكتەپنىڭ مۇئاۋىن مەكتەپ مۇدىرى، جۇغراپىيە ئوقۇتقۇچىسى. شۇنداقلا شەھەر بويىچە، ئاپتونۇم رايون بويىچە نۇرغۇن قېتىم ئىلغار ئوقۇتقۇچى بولۇپ مۇكاپاتلانغان.
‎2018-يىلى 2-ئاينىڭ 5-كۈنى ئۆيىدىن تۇتۇپ ئىلىپكەتكەن. ھازىرغىچە قويۇپ بېرىلمىدى.”

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