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Fierce Letter For Business Owners Who Refuse To Do Business With China

Hi Mr X,

How are you?

It has been a long time since we contacted last time.

May I know do you have any inquiry related to towels or blankets currently? Price can be cheap now, we will give you a good quote.

Thank you.

Best Regards
Claudia 郑贤玉

Hello Claudia,

Thank you for contacting me. Presently, I am not doing any business with Chinese companies, due to the treatment of East Turkistan Muslims in your country. China is committing genocide and needs to close down internment camps, need to return everyone to their homes, need to stop organ harvesting, needs to return all the children to their parents from the orphanages, stop the brainwashing of children, stop rape and forced marriages of Muslim women. Stop mass killing, and restore all human rights.

Perhaps, then we can do business.


Mr X

This letter was written by a Save Uyghur Campaign advocate as he was approached by a vendor. Feel free to use this sample letter to respond to calls and emails from Chinese businesses.

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