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Horrific Sexual Abuse of Exiled Uyghur woman

Exiled Uyghur woman and doctors offered testimonies describing the cruel forced abortion and sterilization policy conducted by Communist Party of China in occupied East Turkestan to the journalists of Associated Press. These Uyghur women include: Shemsinu Gafur who was forcibly aborted her six and half month baby, a former camp detainee was tortured day and night by the Chinese police  and a doctor who was the witness of China’s draconian birth control policy on Uyghur women in occupied East Turkestan.

Gulbahar Jelilova talks about horrific sexual abuse and forced sterilization on Uyghur women inside China’s extermination camps in occupied East Turkestan in this article. She can never forget the young breast-feeding mothers whose milk was still leaking, Uyghur women’s lice infested clothes, and elderly Uyghur women whose clothes were stripped and frisked in front of male Chinese police guards that she saw during her 15 months detainment in China’s concentration camps.

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