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Join the Fight. Help Us Free an Innocent Uyghur Man.

Mewlan, loving son, husband, father, and brother was arbitrarily detained by the Chinese government in 2017. Join our fight to free him, sign the petition.

Information from the petition, written by his sister Riz Nur:

Since 2017, I have had no contact with my remaining family: my mother and brother, who are both Uyghurs in China. Their current situation is unknown.

My beloved younger brother Mewlan has been detained in one of the concentration camps in China since January 2017. He was and still is an innocent man, detained absolutely arbitrarily.

He was arrested, without explanation, while he was having lunch at a local restaurant. Mewlan was snatched away from our mother, his wife and his one year old son. He is a decent, thoughtful, and hard-working man.

When I heard the testimonies from former detainees and media coverage of what is happening in those camps; I fell into sorrow, because I know without a doubt, that my own brother has been subjected to endless interrogations, torture and worse.

I am also scared and devastated to think of how my elderly mother, my brother’s wife and little son have to deal with, even outside of the camps.

Once the New Year begins, it would have been 3 years since we have heard from him. I cannot keep my silence anymore; I need to take action. However, it is not easy, I need everyone’s support, I cannot do this alone. This is why I am running this petition.

Please support me to help my brother to be released and to have my family reunited with me in New Zealand. Please sign this petition and share it with your family, friends and wider social network.

If you can help me in any way possible, please send me an email:

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