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Justice For All Puts China in UN Hotseat Over Uyghur Abuses

On March 2, 2020  our Justice For All team confronted Beijing’s UN ambassador Zhang Jun and questioned him regarding the mass detention of the Uyghurs. Aydin Anwar, Outreach Manager of Justice For All, spoke of her 93 missing relatives in East Turkestan (Xinjiang) and asked Zhang if the mass detention of Uyghurs can really be justified on national security grounds. 

Watch the video recording of Aydin’s question and Jun’s response here. See Human Rights summary, “China Again in UN Hotseat Over Xinjiang Abuses” on this event here

“One participant, an ethnic Uyghur representative from the group Justice for All, spoke of her own relatives in Xinjiang who are missing and may be in detention. She asked Zhang how the mass detention of Uyghurs can be justified on national security grounds. Human Rights Watch then asked if the Chinese government would grant unfettered access throughout Xinjiang to the UN high commissioner for human rights, Michelle Bachelet, after recently renewing its invitation for her to visit the region.”


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