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Save Uyghur Campaign Demands People To #BoycottMulan After Filming in East Turkestan

The Save Uyghur campaign demands on the international community to boycott the newly released Disney film Mulan. This comes after global outrage on 1) support from the main actress Liu Yifei of Hong Kong Police brutality, and 2) the fact that the movie was partly filmed in East Turkestan, where millions of Uyghurs and other Turks languish in concentration camps and prisons. The film is also tainted with themes of colonialism and islamophobia, with the movie’s main antagonist Bori Khan being from the now colonized “Northwest China” and his black-turbaned guards dressed like Middle Eastern assassins.

As reported by the Washington Post, Disney offers a special thanks to more than a dozen Chinese institutions that helped with the film. These include four Chinese Communist Party propaganda departments in East Turkestan as well as the Public Security Bureau of the city of Turpan in the same region — organizations that are facilitating crimes against humanity. Through these actions, Mulan is directly complicit in the East Turkestan genocide.

The Walt Disney Company claims in its social responsibility report and human right policy statement  that it is:

“committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner. We respect and support international principles aimed at protecting and promoting human rights, as described in the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.”

The Save Uyghur campaign asks Disney to stand by its own principles by immediately stopping the release of live-action remake of the Mulan movie, apologizing to the victims of Uyghur genocide, editing out the genocide locations Disney have filmed at, deleting gratitude to the Chinese Communist Party in the credits and contributing to Uyghur genocide education and awareness in a meaningful and impactful way. Additionally, the Save Uyghur campaign demands that Disney divests from the region as recommended by 220+ human, labor, and Uyghur rights organizations in the Coalition To End Uyghur Forced Labor.

For more information on global criticism of Mulan regarding the Uyghurs, read here.

The Save Uyghur campaign under Justice For All calls on everyone to sign the petition to boycott Mulan.


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