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#SaveUyghurSisters Twitter Storm

The unique nature of the oppression against Uyghur women by the government of China due to their ethnicity and religion is exacerbated by their gendered vulnerability as women. Experiences of enslavement, torture, gender based violence, a system of organized rape, sexual slavery, forced marriage, mothers seperated from children, sterilization as well forced labor have impacted large swaths of the population.

On International Women’s Day, join Save Uyghur as we stand in solidarity with our Uyghur sisters. Like, retweet, and share the tweets below using #SaveUyghurSisters and #IWD2021.

For International Women’s Day, stand with our Uyghur sisters who are suffering through the crisis of the century. #IWD2021 #SaveUyghurSisters Click To Tweet In China’s concentration camps, sexual assaults are carried out with the purpose of destroying Uyghur women’s reproductive capacities. #IWD2021 #SaveUyghurSisters Click To Tweet There are 14 year old Uyghur girls in China’s concentration camps. #IWD2021 #SaveUyghurSisters Click To Tweet 'Every ten days, Uyghur women were forced to strip naked and perform degrading exercises in front of the guards. A young girl who did not perform the action properly was beaten with electric batons.' #IWD2021 #SaveUyghurSisters Click To Tweet The Chinese government has enabled a system of sexual abuse not only in its concentration camps, but in the homes of Uyghur women who are forced to live with Han Chinese men who monitor their actions. #IWD2021 #SaveUyghurSisters Click To Tweet

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