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Thousands Protest Genocide of Uyghurs in Front of Chinese Embassy in London

On Thursday the 1st of July a demonstration was held outside the Chinese Embassy in London, UK, coinciding with celebrations that marked the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. A coalition of 50 British Muslim organisations united to form ‘Stand4Uyghurs’ and called the people of London to come out and to raise awareness of the genocide being carried out against the Uyghur and Turkic muslims of East Turkestan.

Just two months ago the UK followed in the footsteps of America, Canada, New Zealand and others and declared that China is committing a genocide against the Uyghur people. However it seems that the world is doing little but watching as millions of Uyghurs are being sent to concentration camps, women are being raped, forcibly sterilised, and families are being ripped apart.

We are yet to see any immediate actions taken by world superpowers who recognise this genocide to put a stop to the persecution of Uyghurs and the crimes against humanity being committed by China.

How long must we wait until ‘enough is enough’?

Crowds gathered in numbers to express their anger and solidarity with their Uyghur brothers and sisters, pledged to continue calling for the freedom of the people of East Turkestan, and stand firm against the CCP and their genocidal aims.

Guest speakers stressed that China could be effectively challenged through collective efforts. Despite the Chinese regime’s superpower status in the international community, diplomatic weight in the UN, and unparalleled economic might, normal people across the world can collectively make a difference by standing up to these oppressors.

Graphics made by @monti2076 (Instagram)

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